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Welcome to White Dove Feng Shui
My name is Yona Beller, certified Integrative Feng Shui Consultant and Energy Fields Clearing Practitioner. Feng Shui and Energy Fields Clearing are powerful tools to help you live with clarity, abundance and joy.

White Dove Feng Shui


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I named my company White Dove Feng Shui because my name, Yona, means white dove of peace. Doves are message carriers and have the innate ability to guide the flock back home, no matter how far they have flown, or how long they have been away.  I see myself as a guide, taking you firmly in hand, and with unconditional love showing you how to create a life of possibility and happiness.


Yona was born in Israel in 1951, the newly created independent nation.  Food, clothing and toys were hard to come by for all. What was in abundance were creations of the imagination. Yona’s parents were storytellers, regaliing her with legends and fables of magic from their own childhood. At age 5, Yona was accidentially electrocuted by a faulty plug. She began having vivid dreams of events - and these events would occur soon after. Her parents encouraged her to tell them what she saw in the dreams and taught her not to divulge information to those in the dreams.
The family moved to England in 1960 and then to America in 1961. This was the era of Kennedy’s Camelot, America’s moon walk and the arrival of the Beatles…what a fortuitous beginning. The dreams continued. When Yona dreamt that President Kennedy would be shot and die, and it happened three days later, she realized for the first time that not many others had 'seeing' dreams.

During high school, Yona discovered her love of singing and acting, and participated in all the plays. She instituted a school folk singing club and co-captain the color-guard marching squad.

Yona attended business college, earning a Business Sciences Degree and landed a job with Columbia Records Studios in New York City.  The job required her to spent a great deal of time in the recording sessions, and she was surrounded by rock & roll music and musicians. A very exciting time in her life. After a few years, she began to yearn for work in which she could help people. She went on to study and earn her certifications in Exercise Physiology, Basic Nutrition and Behavior Modification, and developed a fulfilling career in health spa management. Her intuitive understanding of people’s unspoken desire developed, and utilizing this skill helped her clients achieve their goals.

Years later, Yona was intorduced to the Kabalah. She immediately felt connected to this ancient mysticism, and she and her husband completed the seven-year-training. During these years, Yona’s intuitive skills and dream seeing grew exponentially.
Yona received a Feng Shui consultation from a friend. After implementing Feng Shui to the home and yard, amazing shifts occured for the family. Then it happened…a defining moment when she realized that using her life experiences and abilities; the dreaming, her intuitive skills, the Kabala training, and her deep desire to help people, had brought her to a profound path. She chose Feng Shui and Energy Fields Clearing as the tools for helping people. 

Yona studied Tibetan Tantric Feng Shui, Energy Fields Clearing, Geopathic Fields Clearing, Integrative Compass Feng Shui, 9 Star Ki Astrology, Face Reading, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). She is currently apprenticing in medical intuition and mediumship and  uses these abilities in her work with Feng Shui and Energy Fields Clearing clients.